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The first Clean The Beach Boot Camp Angola was on 12th of December 2015 – Founded by local expat Mario de Oliveira Below are the stats we have since then: Big thank you to everyone who has been involved & attended such an awesome event.

Beach Clean Up’s


Number of Volunteers


Total Trash Collected:

3,080 lbs (1,400kg)


Angola Boot Camp Routine: 

08:45AM – Meet at Beach 
09:00AM – Free Fitness Class
10:00AM – Clean The Beach
10:45AM – Take all collected Rubbish to the Pickup Point
11:00AM – Lunch (find a new place to hang out)

For more Detailed Information please join our Facebook Page Here and get involved: Clean The Beach Boot Camp – Angola

What do you need to Bring?

To get involved you need to bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and sandy. Also, drinking water, towel and suncream. The Boot Camp is almost always on a Sunday & starts at 09:00AM. It runs Every other Sunday.

Previous Boot Camps & Beach Clean Up’s

Below are just some of the Photos of the previous Beach Clean Ups we have done since 2015 – We dont have all the photos of each Clean The Beach Boot Camps we have done –  but it gives you a good idea.

Date: 12th March 2016

Volunteers: 21
Trash in lbs: 400

Date: 29th March 2016

Volunteers: 21
Trash in lbs: 490

Date: 9th April 2016

Volunteers: 24
Trash in lbs: 440

Date: 19th December 2015

Volunteers: 15
Trash in lbs: 310

Date: 9th January 2016

Volunteers: 32
Trash in lbs: 610

Date: 23th January 2016

Volunteers: 50
Trash in lbs: 800

Mario de Oliveira the founder of Clean The Beach Boot Camp – Angola – Mario lived and Trained in Thailand for over a year, he trained and fought in Thailand in the countries National Sport of Muay Thai, There after Mario Certified himself in TFW (Training for Warriors) Level 1 & Level 2. After moving to Angola Mario decided to Launch the Clean The Beach Boot Camp project in Angola

Date: 12th December 2015
Location: Luanda Ilha/Baia Azul Benguela
Volunteers: 20
Trash in lbs: 350

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