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Driftwood Art Ideas

Driftwood Art Ideas: 5 Creative Projects for All Ages

Driftwood wall art Bonzi Frame

Driftwood art offers a unique and engaging way to incorporate nature into your home decor. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a parent looking for a creative activity with your kids, driftwood provides a versatile medium for artistic expression. These five driftwood art ideas are perfect for all ages and skill levels, allowing you to transform ordinary pieces of wood into extraordinary works of art.

1. Driftwood Wall Hanging

Wall hangings made from driftwood can add a touch of rustic charm to any room. These natural decorations are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly, as they repurpose materials found in nature. Creating a driftwood wall hanging is an enjoyable project that allows you to express your creativity while bringing a piece of the outdoors inside.

Materials Needed:

  • Driftwood pieces
  • Twine or fishing line
  • Beads and feathers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


  1. Gather Driftwood: Begin by collecting various pieces of driftwood in different shapes and sizes. Make sure to clean them thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Design Your Layout: To design your wall hanging lay out your driftwood pieces on a flat surface. Experiment with different arrangements until you find a visually pleasing layout.
  3. Connect the Pieces: Connect the driftwood pieces using twine or fishing line. Tie knots to secure the twine, and add beads or feathers for extra decoration if desired.
  4. Create the Hanger: Attach a piece of twine or fishing line at the top of your creation to serve as a hanger.
  5. Finish and Display: Secure any loose ends with a glue gun. Hang your driftwood art on a wall and enjoy the natural beauty it brings to your space.

This project is particularly great for kids, as it helps develop their creativity and fine motor skills. Let them choose and arrange the driftwood pieces themselves to create a truly personalized piece of art.

2. Driftwood Candle Holders

Driftwood candle holders are a simple yet elegant way to add a touch of natural beauty to your home decor. The combination of wood and candlelight creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for any setting. This project is straightforward and can be completed in a short amount of time, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced crafters.

Materials Needed:

  • Small pieces of driftwood
  • Tea light candles
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue (optional)


  1. Prepare the Driftwood: Choose pieces of driftwood that are flat and stable enough to hold a candle. Sand them down to remove any rough edges.
  2. Drill Holes: Use a drill to create a hole in each piece of driftwood that is large enough to hold a tea light candle securely.
  3. Finish the Holders: Sand the holes to ensure they are smooth. Optionally, use glue to secure the candles in place.
  4. Display and Enjoy: Place the tea light candles in the driftwood holders and arrange them on a table or mantle. Light the candles for a cosy and rustic ambience.

This project allows older children to help sand the driftwood and place the candles in the holders, providing an excellent opportunity for family bonding. Always supervise closely when using a drill.

3. Driftwood Picture Frames

Transforming an old picture frame with driftwood is a fantastic way to create a unique, personalized decor piece. This project is fun and allows you to recycle and repurpose materials, making it an eco-friendly choice. Driftwood picture frames add a rustic and coastal touch to any photograph, making your cherished memories even more special.

Materials Needed:

  • Driftwood pieces
  • Old picture frame (without glass)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Twine (optional)


  1. Prepare the Frame: Remove any glass or backing from an old picture frame, leaving just the wooden frame.
  2. Arrange the Driftwood: Lay out the driftwood pieces around the frame, cutting them to fit if necessary.
  3. Glue the Pieces: A hot glue gun attaches the driftwood pieces to the frame, covering the entire surface.
  4. Add Finishing Touches: Wrap twine around the corners or edges for added texture and decoration.
  5. Insert a Picture: Place your favourite photo in the frame and display it proudly.

Let the children choose the photo to be framed and help glue the driftwood pieces. This project makes a wonderful gift for family and friends, showcasing creativity and sentimental value.

4. Driftwood Sculptures

Creating sculptures from driftwood allows for immense creativity and expression. Driftwood’s natural shapes and textures lend themselves to artistic interpretation, making each sculpture unique. Depending on your skill level and artistic vision, this project can range from simple abstract designs to more complex structures.

Materials Needed:

  • Various sizes of driftwood
  • Strong adhesive or hot glue
  • Paint and brushes (optional)
  • Small embellishments (optional)


  1. Select Driftwood: Choose driftwood pieces that inspire you. Look for interesting shapes and textures.
  2. Design Your Sculpture: Arrange the pieces into a sculpture. You can create animals, abstract shapes, or even human figures.
  3. Assemble the Sculpture: Attach the pieces together with a strong adhesive or hot glue. Hold them in place until the glue sets.
  4. Add Embellishments: Optionally, paint your sculpture or add small embellishments like shells or beads.
  5. Display Your Art: Place your finished sculpture in a prominent place in your home.

Encourage children to create their own unique sculptures. This project fosters creativity and helps develop problem-solving skills. It’s a fantastic way for kids to experiment with different forms and structures.

5. Driftwood Mobiles

Driftwood mobiles are beautiful hanging decorations that can be customized in countless ways. They are perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any indoor or outdoor space. This project is simple enough for children to participate in and can be adapted to fit various themes and styles.

Materials Needed:

  • Driftwood pieces
  • Twine or fishing line
  • Shells, beads, feathers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


  1. Gather Supplies: Collect various driftwood pieces and any additional decorations like shells or beads.
  2. Design Your Mobile: Arrange the driftwood pieces in a visually pleasing pattern. Plan where to add shells or other decorations.
  3. Assemble the Mobile: Use twine or a fishing line to attach the driftwood pieces together. Secure with knots and glue if necessary.
  4. Add Decorations: Tie shells, beads, or feathers to the twine for added decoration. Ensure everything is securely attached.
  5. Hang and Enjoy: Find a suitable place to hang your mobile, such as a porch, balcony, or indoors near a window.

This project is particularly engaging for children, who can choose their own decorations and design their mobile. It’s a great way to teach them about balance and symmetry while having fun.

Final Thoughts

These driftwood art ideas offer an excellent opportunity to explore creativity and connect with nature. Whether working alone or with your kids, these projects will bring joy and a sense of accomplishment. Embrace the natural beauty of driftwood and transform it into stunning art pieces that will enhance any space. If you need more driftwood art ideas, check out the Wood Wall Arts website, which sells unique handmade wooden artwork. 

Fight Plastic Pollution By Watching Porn????

Fight Plastic Pollution By Watching Porn????

Fight Plastic Pollution By Wathcing Porn??

PornHubs Dirtiest Porn Ever

PornHub to spread awareness on the crisis of ocean plastic pollution through porn!

A major chunk of internet traffic surfs the online porn network. With billions of people from across the globe browsing through the numerous porn websites, it is definitely one of the best places online to spread a global message. And guess what? One of the biggest players from the industry, PornHub, has decided to do just that. It will use the heavy traffic it gets on its website to spread awareness about the ocean Plastic Pollution issue.

But just how effective will be an environmental awareness from a porn website? Huge actually! That is because, anyone who is even slightly familiar with an online advertisement, knows that effectiveness depends largely on the numbers. And what PornHub has in plenty are numbers. More than 3 million people visit this site every day to access the 7 million-plus videos it has in its database. With over 500 million people searching its name on Google every month, 2018 had over 33.5 billion visiting PornHub.

The plastic pollution levels, especially in the oceans, have reached such high magnitude that it is now a well-known fact. People are protesting all across the planet. And if you think you are safe from its consequences, then you couldn’t be far from the truth. Beaches around the world have been found littered with trash, especially single-use plastic. And that is only a trickle compared to the amount of pollution in the Ocean. In case you need more proof, here are 6 solid reasons not to use single-use plastic

The current plastic pollution situation is too messy even for PornHub and it has decided to take a stand against it using Porn!

PornHub Cares Initiative has launched a porn video that brings to light the issue of plastic pollution affecting our oceans. The movie that starts a popular pornstar couple has quite wittily been called “Dirtiest Porn Ever”. The movie starts off with the beautiful couple starting to get naughty in a lovely beach setting. Only that, soon, you find them surrounded by litter with Single-Use Plastic trash all over the two. Before you know it, the whole scene goes from sexy to yucky! Some more harsh reality as you find people in Hazmat suit and the PornHub brand on it, picking up the litter from around the couple. Here’s a promo clip to ease your curiosity: 

To ease your conscience even further, PornHub promises to donate to Ocean Polymers every time someone views their movie on Ocean plastic pollution. That’s some very good reason to check out one of the most popular porn sites online. PornHub offers a 7-day free trial, although we are not sure if the full movie is available for the trial accounts. You can, however, try Free Porn Passwords and Free Porn for getting a single access premium account login.

Cory Price, their vice president, also highlighted the fact that PornHub has already been active when it comes to the environment. It has in the past, he stated, taken initiatives like planting trees and even supports organisations conducting honeybee research. Contrary to general belief, the big players of the porn industry care about the environment and prefer a clean and healthy environment. 

There is news such as websites like Brazzers, one of the top premium porn site, have switched to green energy servers. Considering the crazy amount of traffic amongst porn sites, their servers get heated up a lot and requires a huge amount of electricity to keep it cool. Websites like Youtube and Netflix that stream videos contribute about 1% of the total global emission. And a third of that 1% comes from porn websites. 

Since we ourselves at CBBC have been actively conducting beach cleanups in a bid to fight ocean plastic pollution, the initiative by PornHub is indeed quite refreshing. It sets a good example for other businesses across industries to take such initiatives and do what they can to fight the plastic pollution crisis. We applaud the efforts taken by PornHub to spread awareness about ocean plastic pollution. If ever you needed a good excuse to browse porn sites, then you should consider checking out “Dirtiest Porn Ever” by PornHub.

Their initiative to becoming more eco-conscious has struck a chord to others in the porn industry. Websites such as My Dirty Hobby, Team Skeet, Bang Bros, Reality Kings and Kink have all started to help with environmental matters. Either by donating a portion of profits to planting trees or to charities that are dedicated to fighting global environmental matters. Be it Plastic Pollution or Global Warming.

You know the environmental issues are a real and serious threat when frowned upon industry such as porn step up to the plate to take action. Drop a comment here after you watch it will be highly appreciated. It is all for a good cause after all!

Boot Camp Instructor Krix Luther

Krix Luther


Krix the founder of Clean The Beach Boot Camp has a unique passion for saving the enviroment. It stems from his love for Free Diving and his attraction to the ocean. He launched CBBC back in May 2012 and was the first ever person to put Fitness and the Environment into one single event/activity. If you wish to contact him, try doing so on his social media below.


Welcome to Clean The Beach Boot Camp Kuwait

The first Kuwait Beach Clean Up was on Saturday 19th December 2015 – Below are the stats we have since then: Big thank you for everyone who has been involved.

Beach Clean Up’s


Number of Volunteers


Total Trash Collected

1,190 lbs (540kg)


Boot Camp Kuwait Routine: 

09:45AM – Meet at Beach 
10:00AM – Free Fitness Class
11:00AM – Clean The Beach
11:45AM – Take all collected Rubbish to the Pickup Point
12:00AM – Lunch (find a new place to hang out)

For more Detailed Information please join our Facebook Page Here and get involved: Clean The Beach Boot Camp – Kuwait

What do you need to Bring?

To get involved you need to bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and sandy. Also, drinking water, towel and suncream. The Boot Camp is almost always on a Saturday & starts at 10:00AM. It runs Every other Saturday.

Previous Boot Camps & Beach Clean Up’s

Below are just some of the Photos of the previous Beach Clean Ups we have done since 2015 – We don’t have all the photos of each Clean The Beach Boot Camps we have done –  but it gives you a good idea.

Date: 5th March 2016
Location: Salmiya Beach

Volunteers: 17
Trash in lbs: 310

Date: 2nd April 2016
Location: Salmiya Beach

Volunteers: 10
Trash in lbs: 180

Date:19th December 2015
Location: Salmiya Beach

Volunteers: 15
Trash in lbs: 170

Date: 23rd January 2016
Location: Salmiya Beach

Volunteers: 26
Trash in lbs: 300

Date: 20th February 2016
Location: Salmiya Beach

Volunteers: 18
Trash in lbs: 230



The first Clean The Beach Boot Camp Angola was on 12th of December 2015 – Founded by local expat Mario de Oliveira Below are the stats we have since then: Big thank you to everyone who has been involved & attended such an awesome event.

Beach Clean Up’s


Number of Volunteers


Total Trash Collected:

3,080 lbs (1,400kg)


Angola Boot Camp Routine: 

08:45AM – Meet at Beach 
09:00AM – Free Fitness Class
10:00AM – Clean The Beach
10:45AM – Take all collected Rubbish to the Pickup Point
11:00AM – Lunch (find a new place to hang out)

For more Detailed Information please join our Facebook Page Here and get involved: Clean The Beach Boot Camp – Angola

What do you need to Bring?

To get involved you need to bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and sandy. Also, drinking water, towel and suncream. The Boot Camp is almost always on a Sunday & starts at 09:00AM. It runs Every other Sunday.

Previous Boot Camps & Beach Clean Up’s

Below are just some of the Photos of the previous Beach Clean Ups we have done since 2015 – We dont have all the photos of each Clean The Beach Boot Camps we have done –  but it gives you a good idea.

Date: 12th March 2016

Volunteers: 21
Trash in lbs: 400

Date: 29th March 2016

Volunteers: 21
Trash in lbs: 490

Date: 9th April 2016

Volunteers: 24
Trash in lbs: 440

Date: 19th December 2015

Volunteers: 15
Trash in lbs: 310

Date: 9th January 2016

Volunteers: 32
Trash in lbs: 610

Date: 23th January 2016

Volunteers: 50
Trash in lbs: 800

Mario de Oliveira the founder of Clean The Beach Boot Camp – Angola – Mario lived and Trained in Thailand for over a year, he trained and fought in Thailand in the countries National Sport of Muay Thai, There after Mario Certified himself in TFW (Training for Warriors) Level 1 & Level 2. After moving to Angola Mario decided to Launch the Clean The Beach Boot Camp project in Angola

Date: 12th December 2015
Location: Luanda Ilha/Baia Azul Benguela
Volunteers: 20
Trash in lbs: 350

6 Types of Water Pollution

6 Types of Water Pollution

6 Types of Water Pollution

That We Must Solve ASAP

Causes of Water Pollution

Water is life and true enough H20 is right there with oxygen. Almost every living creature on this planet from the smallest critters to the giant blue whale depends on water. For this reason, its alarming to know that many of the earth’s salt and freshwater sources are now exposed to pollution.

This begs the question: what is water pollution and why it should matter to everyone?

According to the “Water for Life” report by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, more people now die today from unsafe water than war and other forms of violence on an annual basis. About 3.575 million people die from water-related diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, and dysentery in just a year.

To understand why such a crisis is happening on our planet today, we need to take a look at its root cause- water pollution. As you know, water is a good place for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to thrive. Water is also prone to contamination from harmful chemicals such as pesticides and sewage waste.

Different Types of Water Pollution that Threatens the Environment

In this post, we will be discussing the different types of water pollution and their adverse effects on the environment:

1 – Plastic and Surface Water Pollution

There is no hiding the fact that our oceans are now filled with plastic. The Great Pacific garbage patch has an estimated 80,000 tons of plastic that just floats around in an island-like cluster. While many plastics settles on the surface of the water, the less buoyant ones eventually end up at the bottom of the ocean.

Aside from plastic, other garbage such as wood chips and styrofoam also drift on top of the water. The real danger of plastic ending up in the water is that a lot of birds and marine life form think of them as food. Animals who ingest plastic usually die either from chemical poisoning or from it blocking their digestive system.

Plastic is also known to cause suffocation and other injuries to small animals that come in contact with them. This is a serious problem, especially because even the most progressive countries can only recycle 5-per cent of their plastic waste. Furthermore, 50-percent of the plastic produced in the world ends up as pollutants or garbage.

2 – Oil Spillage

We all know that oil and water don’t mix. Ship fuel, for example, will still on top of seawater. Oil spillage from a damaged or sunk ship is dangerous to marine animals because they remain afloat unless they are cleaned. The challenge, however, is that removing oil spills from the sea is a daunting task that requires a lot of manpower if not equipment and ships.

One of the most recent oil spills, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, saw 53,000 barrels of oil dumped into the Gulf of Mexico. It is considered as one of the largest incidents of its kind in history where an estimated 82,000 birds, about 26,000 marine animals, and roughly 6,000 turtles dead.

Although not as damaging as capsized ships, poorly maintained ships also play a major role in the amount of oil that is now mixed into our ocean.

3 – Chemical Water Pollution

It’s no secret that a lot of factories and manufacturing plants dump their waste on bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and even the sea. Some cities even use their river systems as part of their sewage system outlet. In most cases, this renders the bodies of water to pollution and killing most of the fish and aquatic organisms in it.

Unknown to many, some farmers also end up polluting their source of irrigation whenever they use harmful chemicals such as pesticides. Agricultural areas which experience a large amount of rainfall a year are more prone to the effects of water pollution. When farms become flooded or overflows, the harmful chemicals can get mixed with the water which will end up in the nearby places.

Animal waste from poultry farms and piggery farms can also pollute the water. In many third world countries, they usually dump these waste on river systems or ponds. Unclean water from these contaminated bodies of water can cause several waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever and hepatitis.

4 – Nutrients Pollution

It might surprise you but not all nutrients that end up on the bodies of water are good for its marine inhabitants. Nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus encourage algae growth. While algae are known as fish food, the problem arises when they overpopulate the water. When this happens, this can cause oxygen starvation for the rest of the organisms on the water.

On the other hand, this can also be harmful to humans or animals living near these infected waters. Aside from making the water undrinkable, they can also clog filters. This type of water pollution often occurs in industrial or agricultural areas.

5 – Suspended Matter Pollution

Some water pollutants are also not visible to the naked eye. Chemicals, particles, and substances that do not easily dissolve often cause suspended water pollution. In time, particles such as silt which comes from decayed matter will eventually settle at the bottom the bodies of water.

Suspended matter can eventually kill many of the aquatic organisms that settle at the bottom of the river, lake, pond or ocean. Most of these substances are foreign to the bodies of water which can upset the delicate chemical balance. This has numerous water pollution effects such as making the streams and lakes less acidic.

6 – Groundwater Pollution

Rivers and lakes aren’t the only sources of fresh water. In some places, you can dig water from under the ground. Rural areas in third world countries usually rely on groundwater, especially those who don’t have water concessionaires in their area. However, even groundwater is also prone to pollution.

Chemicals from landfills and highly polluted areas can sip in the ground especially when they mixed with rainwater. In turn, they can contaminate the groundwater source that eventually supplies water through pumps or deep wells. The toxins and other harmful chemicals mixed in the water can cause several waterborne diseases.


Water pollution is a serious threat to every life on this planet. The sad part is that we humans are the major contributor or cause water pollution. However, we too hold the solution to end this global crisis especially if we do our part to recycle and observe proper waste disposal.

Boot Camp Instructor Krix Luther

Krix Luther


Krix the founder of Clean The Beach Boot Camp has a unique passion for saving the enviroment. It stems from his love for Free Diving and his attraction to the ocean. He launched CBBC back in May 2012 and was the first ever person to put Fitness and the Environment into one single event/activity. If you wish to contact him, try doing so on his social media below.

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