About Me With a primary interest in nature & wildlife on one side and social & cultural anthropology on the other, I pursue my interests through writing and photography. For me, the purpose of writing or photography is to communicate a strong message through it. The goal of my words or images is not merely to impress but to pierce, by captivating the reader/viewer and taking them on a whirlwind ride through a different world. The past 10 years have been a wonderful experience in professional wordplay and visual storytelling, helping build and execute content and design strategies for organizations and companies from different parts of the world. The aim of collecting these experiences is to use the knowledge gained there to have a much more personal and meaningful impact in this world I live in. How I joined CBBC: After having enough of the concrete jungle of the city, I’d moved to Goa, a very small coastal state in India. The purpose of this shift was to be more amongst nature and less amongst the corporate chaos. Goa, being a very popular tourist destination for its beaches, also had to suffer its consequences. Beaches littered with plastic bottles, bags, beer bottles, cans etc. Nature here was being trampled upon, and it was during such times, that I met Krix Luther online and was introduced to Clean The Beach Bootcamp. Krix was looking for someone passionate enough to write for the CBBC movement, and I was looking for a meaningful way to fight the trash that was ruining beautiful beaches. It was a perfect match and I’ve had an extremely satisfying experience writing for CBBC ever since.