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Top 10 Benefits of Morning Walks

Benefits of morning walks

The Benefits of Morning Walks

Waking up early can be quite challenging for many of us. But getting out of bed early and doing some physical activity such as a simple walk can help you start the day right. Not to mention, morning walks also have several benefits to your health and well being.

A morning walk is a perfect activity you can do to ease up the rigidness of your body. On a clear day, it’s also the best way to catch the beauty of the sunrise. Here are several benefits of morning walks you shouldn’t take for granted.

Gives You Momentum

If you want things to get done for the day, it’s important to keep your ball running early. A morning walk is the best method to give yourself momentum. As you walk around your area, you also get the opportunity to observe the neighbourhood wake up and get ready for the day. This makes you more aware and connected with your surroundings.

By itself, an early stroll is already an accomplishment that only a few people can do each day. Scratching off your morning walk in your to-do list gives you the confidence to finish the other items on your list.

Allows You to Reflect

Another advantage of morning walks is it gives you time to reflect on some important things in your life. Mornings usually aren’t as hectic and as distracting as the rest of the day. Hence, you can think freely and be positive about the day.

As you reflect, it can also present you with the opportunity to be grateful for what you have. Just being able to walk and move around is already a blessing in itself. Thinking about everything good about your life also lessens your negative thoughts and doubts.

Benefits of morning walks snow

Builds a “No Excuses” Persona

Aside from a positive mindset, a morning walk can also help us to be better “go-getters.” By doing this early morning activity regardless of how we feel, it helps us be a person with no excuses. And without excuses slowing us down, we can be unstoppable on everything we set our sights on.

Another perk of walking in the morning is that we can understand ourselves more. People’s routines are also connected with their personality. Morning people are often known to be hardworking and optimistic, that is why they can’t wait to start the day. A simple walk may reveal that you are at a point in your life that you want to get more out of life.

Allows You to Plan the Day

 Another unpopular benefit of a morning walk is it allows you to set your goals and priorities for the day. It’s a minimally distracting activity where you can still think while doing your simple routine. By gaining a sort of foresight, you can map out all of the things you need to finish on the day.

Because you are not yet on the nit and grit of the day, you can plan which tasks need precedence over the other. More importantly, the value of a morning walk is that it allows us to refocus on our dream and evaluating what things are needed to reach them.

Keeps Your Body in Shape

While it’s less intense than most gym workouts, morning strolls can still help keep our body fit and active. Brisk walking or a faster-paced walk is known to promote proper blood circulation and still burns a significant amount of calories. Moreover, it also lessens the stiffness in our joints and muscles.

A 30 or 40-minute walk can help you lose weight and get your energy high early. Furthermore, walking also causes increased heart rate which can strengthen it. Overall, early morning strolls benefits us by preventing many weight-related diseases.

Mental Benefits of morning walks

Improves Your Self-Image

We all have a picture of ourselves in our mind which we call self-image. It’s how we see ourselves in the mirror. One of the rewards of a morning walk is seeing yourself sweat it out and work for something good for yourself. This simple activity can help us see ourselves in a better light.

A person who wakes up early has all the image of a motivated person. After all, it takes a certain amount of will to resist that urge to spend a few more minutes in dreamland. In short, an early morning walk rewards us to establish ourselves as a person who is disciplined and committed to getting things done.

Time to Bond with Other People

 Morning walks become more meaningful if you are doing it with a group or with a person important to you. Strolling with your friends, walking club colleagues, your children or your partner is invigorating. Not to mention, it can also deepen your bonds with people you share it with.

In short, the value of morning walks can extend to our social and personal lives. Because walking is not extraneous, you can still talk about life and just about anything under the sun. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends and relatives who you haven’t seen for a long time.

Walk with your Dogs

People aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a morning walk. If you have a pet dog, you can bring them with you. This will make your strolls more interesting and less boring. For your dog, it’s also a great way to get some exercise and some sunshine.

You can think of it as hitting two birds with one stone. You may also not find another time in your busy schedule to walk your dog, so a morning stroll is just the perfect moment to do so. Your dog will surely appreciate that he gets to spend some time with you.

Benefits of morning walks

Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

Early morning strolls rewards us also with free Vitamin D. Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D which is important for bone growth, inflammation reduction, and immune function among others.

When sunlight hits our skin, it generates vitamin D which you can also get from dairy products like milk and cheese. The only time on the day when you can safely get vitamin D from sunlight is in the early hours of the day before 8 or 9 am, depending on where you are in the world.

Improve Your Mood

Finally, the best perk of a morning walk is it improves our mood. Even though yesterday was a bad day, a good early stroll can help us get back on track. You can’t help but feel happy or uplifted when you exercise.

During walks or runs, our bodies release endorphins which is a neurochemical that decreases our pain and stress. For this reason, consistent morning walkers are usually more morally boosted than their bed-loving counterparts.


The rewards of an early morning walk are quite significant in our wellness and being. It may be a simple exercise or routine, but it’s one of the easiest ways you can add on your schedule to live a healthy lifestyle.

Boot Camp Instructor Krix Luther

Krix Luther


Krix the founder of Clean The Beach Boot Camp has a unique passion for saving the enviroment. It stems from his love for Free Diving and his attraction to the ocean. He launched CBBC back in May 2012 and was the first ever person to put Fitness and the Environment into one single event/activity. If you wish to contact him, try doing so on his social media below.

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