Boot Camp Team

Krix Luther Clean the Beach Boot Camp
Krix Luther Phuket Personal Trainer

Krix Luther the founder and inspiration behind CBBC.

Krix has been living, training and working in Phuket for 7 years. As undefeated Thai boxing champion throughout Thailand for over three years Krix is now retired. Having built him self a reputation as the Darth Vader of personal trainers, (interpret that as you may?!) but locally in Rawai he is lovingly referred to simply as “coach”.

Having set up a Thai boxing gym in the UK he never quite made it back there as planned and fortunately for Phuket has stuck around proving himself not only in the ring but thru the test of time.

It is Krix’s calm resolve to see things thru and his genuine love of Phuket, the Island he calls home, that leads the Clean the Beach Boot Camps. Krix’s magnetic personality, years of PT training and drive to see people lead a better life make for a very entertaining time on the beach! So if you want to learn how to move like a comodo dragon, a frog and a worm, make new friend and laugh plenty while you do then come and join the CBBC family!

You can find out more about Krix and his work here in Phuket on his website & The Vitruvian Method

Colin Gallagher (AKA Dolly) A Lecturer in Advanced English Business and Intercultural studies at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, Thailand.

Colin is in his sixth year of a very impressive career as University lecturer but his talent doesn’t stop there, Colin is also responsible for a continuous cycle of 80 international students who arrive twice a year to study and enjoy Phukets beaches. Keeping these students calm, safe, entertained and studious is not a feat to be under estimated, with his cool cat persona which makes us wonder occasionally how he looks after himself let alone so many others, Colin not only smiles his way thru but can often been seen dancing too!

Helping take CBBC to the next level, Colin now makes it part of the Social activities for all international PSU students, helping educate the student on how to be environmentally conscientious during their stay. As a result of this attention the number of Thai students are also increasing week on week.

Always knowing how to draw a crowd with his smile and warmth Colin is the perfect PR person for boot camp and life on the Island in general! what a dude!!

Ghislaine Bovy, nicknamed GiGi, anchored in Phuket on board “Minuit” in 2002 during her circumnavigation which lasted until 2010. Back in Phuket in 2014, she decided to focus on the marine industry as a marketing consultant and offer her services as volunteer to ocean protection organizations.

Joining the Clean The Beach Boot Camp perfectly served two objectives she had in mind: join a fitness activity while proving useful to the environment. Active supporter of Greenpeaceand Sea Shepherd, GiGi believes there is a chance to save the oceans from massive pollution and it starts with us.

Local initiatives are key to the process and she certainly is pleased to be part of Clean The Beach Boot Camp as a regular, fan and active “Office” member.

Tidarat Pimvoramatakul (Tee) – Is an avid eco warrior, she has attended the CBBC many times & helped alot in the past so we decided to make her a permanent member of our team.

Not only is she very beautiful but she is very funny & smart, Tee runs our Thai Social Media –Clean The Beach Boot Camp – Thailand she translates all the event pages, posters, Facebook posts & this website, she keeps them up to date & fresh, she also works with the locals to bring them to the CBBC or to help educate them on how they can be more Environmentally friendly.