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Meet The Boot Camp Team


Krix Luther

Founder, brain child and inspiration behind CBBC

Krix Luther Phuket Personal Trainer

Krix has been living, training and working in Phuket for 13 years. He spent the first few years training and fighting Muay Thai at a professional level and was undefeated for a long time. Having built himself a reputation as the Darth Vader of personal trainers. (interpret that as you may?!) But locally in Phuket, he is lovingly referred to simply as “coach”.

Having set up a Thai boxing gym in the UK, he never entirely made it back there as planned and, fortunately for Phuket, has stuck around proving himself not only in the ring but thru the test of time.

Krix’s calm resolve to see things through and his genuine love of Phuket, the island he calls home, leads the Clean the Beach Boot Camps. Krix’s magnetic personality, years of PT training, and drive to see people lead a better life make for an enjoyable time on the beach! So if you want to learn how to move, exercise, do yoga, save the environment, make new friends, and laugh plenty, then come and join the CBBC family!

You can find out more about Krix and his work on his website or his social media links below:

Boot Camp Instructors

Check out the awesome Boot Camp Instructor Teams from all around the world, each one gives a Free Workout on the beach every week, and in exchange, all participants help Clean The Beach afterwards. Each Boot Camp Instructor is a fully qualified Fitness Trainer and Personal Trainer with years of experience. The free workouts they give on the beach are suitable for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. The training is not compulsory either. If you need to stop at any moment, feel free to do so.

Please read at the Boot Camp Instructors Profiles and locations, their hobbies, interests, and background experience. If you plan on going on a Fitness Holiday, make sure you join a Clean The Beach Boot Camp and help support the cause. The Clean, The Beach Boot Camp has brought communities together to achieve a common goal, improve the health of the planet and the health of the people.

Don’t hesitate to join us today!

Mario De Oliveira

CBBC Angola Founder & Boot Camp Instructor

Mario De Oliveira was born and raised in South Africa. He is a long term friend of Krix. Mario moved to Phuket, Thailand, in 2014, where he spent over a year training and learning the art of Muay Thai. He attended the Clean The Beach Boot Camp every week without fail and fell in love with the idea.

He later moved to Angola, where he started the first Clean The Beach Boot Camp outside Thailand. After its enormous success, Mario later moved to another part of Angola, where he began a second CBBC movement. As a result, Angola holds the CBBC record for most trash cleaned in any CBBC.

Abbey Brinklow

Phuket Boot Camp Instructor

Abbey is Phuket’s new Boot Camp Instructor. She helps Krix with CBBC in Phuket. She has over 8 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, working as a personal trainer, studio instructor and gym manager. She has also competed in a UKBFF bikini class bodybuilding competition in the U.K.

Abbey has invested a lot of time in her own health and wellbeing. Including doing a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in New Zealand. She is now located in Phuket, where she would like to spread her passion and enthusiasm to the local community.

Amanda Linkar

CBBC Kuwait Founder & Boot Camp Instructor 

Amanda Linekar was born a raised in Canada. She moved to Thailand in 2012, where she lived in Phuket for nearly 2 years. She heard about Clean The Beach Boot Camp. As a fully qualified personal trainer, she liked the idea of CBBC and was a regular volunteer.

After her time in Thailand, she moved to the UK to study Strength and Conditioning at Uni. Not long after finishing with distinction, she got headhunted for a Personal Training job in Kuwait. Whilst there, she decided to launch Clean The Beach Boot Camp – Kuwait.

David Yogasana

Phuket Yoga Teacher

Boot Camp Instructor David Yoga Sana

David Yogasana lived and worked in Phuket as a Spanish Teacher for PSU (Prince of Songkla University). He and Colin attended the Clean The Beach Boot Camp every week without fail. After David completed his Yoga Teaching Training Course, he offered to teach Yoga at the Boot Camp.

It worked out pretty well 30-minute workout followed by 30 minutes of Yoga and then 1 hour of cleaning trash from the beach.

Jacky Chung

Hong Kong Boot Camp Instructor

Jacky Chung, or “Jack Coach” as everyone calls him, spearheads the CBBC in Hong Kong. He and Krix met during the first-ever CBBC event there. Jacky loved the idea and concept behind it and agreed to take it on. Jack Coach is an avid runner. He runs various marathons around the world every year. In addition, he works as a Hong Kong immigration officer and is part of the Hong Kong police force marathon team.

Steven Buchet

Koh Samui Instructor

Boot Camp Instructor Steven Buchet

Steven is the Instructor of CBBC in Koh Samui. Born and bred in Brussels (Belgium), Steve had played sports since he was 5 years old when his grandmother encouraged him to do it. At 24, Steven joined the Military, and through his studies in Sports Science, he later became the PTI Office for the Army. Steven left the Army to attend to his father, who was sick (Terminal). He later returned to his passion of Football, training second division teams and helping with rehabilitation. After his father passed away, Steven moved to Koh Samui, Thailand, with his boyfriend.

Other members of the clean the beach boot camp team

Colin Gallagher


Thailand Volunteer Colin

Colin Gallagher (AKA Dolly) A Lecturer in Advanced English Business and Intercultural Studies at Prince of Songkla University

Colin is in his sixth year of an awe-inspiring career as a University lecturer, but his talent doesn’t stop there. Colin is also responsible for a continuous cycle of 80 international students who arrive to study and enjoy Phuket’s beaches twice a year. Keeping these students calm, safe, entertained, and educated is not a feat to be underestimated. With his cool cat persona, which makes us occasionally wonder how he looks after himself, let alone so many others, Colin not only smiles his way thru but can often be seen dancing too!

Helping take CBBC to the next level, Colin now makes it part of the Social activities for all international PSU students, helping educate them on how to be environmentally conscientious during their stay. As a result of this attention, the number of Thai students increases week on week.

Always knowing how to draw a crowd with his smile and warmth, Colin is the perfect PR person for boot camp and life on the Island in general!

Xiaonan Feng


Thailand Volunteer Nan

Xiaonan Feng (Nan) is from Beijing, China but has lived in Thailand for many years. As a Professional Free Diver and Scuba Diving instructor, she always had a passion for being environmentally conscious. Whilst setting up her Scuba Diving Business (Ocean Gravity) in Phuket, she heard of Clean The Beach Boot Camp. She joined and volunteered many times and went above and beyond to help. So it was only natural for her to become a permanent part of the Clean The Beach Boot Camp team.

Nan runs the Clean The Beach Boot Camp environmentally friendly products. She comes up with the idea, talks to the manufacturers and distributors and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Ghislaine Bovy


Thailand Volunteer Colin

Ghislaine Bovy, nicknamed GiGi, anchored in Phuket onboard “Minuit” in 2002 during her circumnavigation, which lasted until 2010. Back in Phuket in 2014, she decided to focus on the marine industry as a marketing consultant and offer her services as a volunteer to ocean protection organizations.

Joining the Clean The Beach Boot Camp perfectly served two objectives she had in mind: joining a fitness activity while proving beneficial to the environment. An active supporter of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd, GiGi believes there is a chance to save the oceans from massive pollution, and it starts with us.

Local initiatives are critical to the process, and she certainly is pleased to be part of Clean The Beach Boot Camp as a regular fan and active “Office” member.

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