Welcome to China Boot Camps and Beach Clean Ups

Welcome to Guang Zhou Beach Boot Camp and Beach Clean Up A.K.A Clean The Beach Boot Camp – Guang Zhou! This is a 100% Free Initiative that is not just spreading around China but Globally to. Finding Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors or just Fitness Enthusiasts take it upon themselves to give a free workout to anyone and everyone in their local area in exchange for a beach clean up. For more information on how we got started jump over to our about us page.

Trash Collected So Far From All CBBC’s in China

20,000 lbs (9,090kg)

Beach Clean Ups Across China


Number of Healthier Volunteers


Guang Zhou Boot Camp Routine: 

09:45AM – Meet at Beach 
10:00AM – Free Fitness Class
11:00AM – Clean The Beach
11:45AM – Take all collected Rubbish to the Pickup Point
12:00AM – Lunch (find a new place to hang out)

For more Detailed Information please join our Facebook Page Here and get involved: Clean The Beach Boot Camp

What do you need to Bring?

To get involved you need to bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and sandy. Also, drinking water, towel and suncream. The Boot Camp is almost always on a Saturday & starts at 10:00AM. It runs Every other Saturday.

Previous Guang Zhou Boot Camps & Beach Clean Up’s

Below are just some of the Photos of the previous Beach Clean Ups we have done since 2016 – We don’t have all the photos of every Clean The Beach Boot Camps we have done –  but it gives you a good idea.

Da Lian – Beach Boot Camp

Status: Active

Clean Ups: 29

Trash: 2,113kg

Guang Zhou – Beach Boot Camp

Status: Active

Clean Ups: 60

Trash: 3,977kg

Hai Kou – Beach Boot Camp

Status: Active

Clean Ups: 16

Trash: 1,123kg

Hong Kong – Beach Boot Camp

Status: Active

Clean Ups: 65

Trash: 5,983kg

San Ya – Beach Boot Camp

Status: Active

Clean Ups: 14

Trash: 1,005kg

Shenzhen – Beach Boot Camp

Status: Active

Clean Ups: 33

Trash: 1,941kg

 Qing Dao –  Beach Boot Camp

Status: Active

Clean Ups: 10

Trash: 960kg

Xia Men – Beach Boot Camp

Status: Active

Clean Ups: 24

Trash: 2,000kg

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