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Welcome to the best Fat Burning Boot Camp in the world!

Fat Burning Boot Camp

Clean The Beach Boot Camp is the only initiative that combats 2 of the world’s major issues:

1. Health of the Planet – Tackling the issue of ocean pollution and single use plastic while also educating the people and creating awareness on such matters.

2. Health (& Well-being) of the people – Giving the public a free workout that is both enjoyable and effective. Also throwing light on health based issues and teaching how to take preventive measures.

That second point is what really separates CBBC from every other Green Club out there and what I believe plays a big part in our success. Did you know, the world’s obesity crisis has been always on the rise and has doubled since the 80’s? By definition obesity is when a person’s abnormal or excessive fat accumulation begins to negatively affect their health, leading to other illnesses such as:

  • Diabetes,
  • High Blood Pressure,
  • Coronary Artery Disease,
  • Coronary Vascular Disease,
  • Heart attack,
  • Stroke,
  • Cancer
  • Sleep Apnea

Studies now show a connection between a person’s body composition and physical positioning to their physiological feeling. Meaning that your lack of movement and mobility can lead to physiological issues like Depression, Anxiety and lack of Confidence.

Even child obesity around the world has reached alarming levels. With an estimated 41 million children under just 5 years old being either obese or overweight, it is no longer a laughing matter.

So how does Clean The Beach Boot Camp (CBBC) help fight obesity?

In the CBBC, I have specifically designed a routine that combats multiple health issues all at once, from not just the 45 min workout session but also from the cleaning that commences thereafter. Below is a breakdown of our routine. Get ready to discover the amazing individual benefits of each stage and how they all work in synergy to create one hell of a Fat Melting, Uplifting, Sprite Enhancing, Energising, Super Healthy explosion of complete awesomeness and well being.

Dynamic Warm-up & Mobility

I start the boot camp first with some Dynamic Stretching, which means to stretch through movement. It is a much more efficient way to warm up compared to static stretching, which we are usually taught to do. Static Stretching results in a neuromuscular inhibitory (i.e. the muscles become less responsive) which is really the last thing you want before your workout. Whereas dynamic stretching increases the core temperature of the muscles which increases elasticity and strength whilst increasing their range of motion and also increasing the blood flow around your body which, literally, warms you up.

Other advantages of Dynamic Warm-Up include:

  • Prepares the body for movement that follows the warm-up
  • Mentally prepares you for the workout that follows
  • Improves range of motion especially around the joints
  • Increases blood circulation to muscles
  • Reduces risk of injury and enhances recovery
  • Improves neuromuscular activation

Barefoot Training

At Clean The Beach Boot Camp, though completely optional, everyone prefers to train on their bare feet.

Running on the sand requires less stability and energy, during exercise. This however results in an even greater workload for the muscles, to achieve the same output. But it’s all worth it in the end as the calories burned are around 30% more!

Since the sand moves and the pressures are different, training on the beach is especially great for working out muscles in the feet that are otherwise not used due to our habit of wearing shoes. Although shoes are great stabilizers for your feet, ankle and knees, however, wearing them turns off your natural stabilizers. Barefoot training on the other hand, strengthens those muscles and also prevents common road injures in the future.


Another advantage of this training method is Grounding. If you’re wondering what that is and are confusing it with the commonly used electrical term, you’re not far off. Nature originally intended our body and the Earth to be in direct contact. The cells in our body have electrical energy. Due to the increased usage of Wi-Fi, mobile phone and electromagnetic waves, many people tend to build up a high quantity of positive electrons (Free radicals) in their body. The Earth, acting as a negative ‘grounding’ force, balance it out.

Some of the positive effects of Grounding include:

  • Lessens the inflammation caused due to the excess positive electrons
  • A clear rise in energy levels
  • Reduces stress and fosters calmness
  • Re-corrects the biological rhythm
  • Alleviates muscle tension and reduces headaches
  • Better blood flow and pressure
  • Diminishes female hormonal and menstrual symptoms

HIIT Training (Hormonal effects)

During Clean the Beach Boot Camp workout sessions, I regularly add a very short but High Intensity Interval Training or, as most people call it, HIIT. Although it may sound intimidating to some, it really is just 10-12 mins of circuit exercises that are simple and fun to do. Sometimes the group is split into teams and made to compete against each other, just for laughs or I get the participants to partner up, which of course is always a favourite. I often express caution and instruct the participants never to overstress and to only do what they are comfortable doing.

Some of the benefits of HIIT include:

  • It strengthens your heart muscle
  • Simultaneously builds strength and burns calories
  • keeps in check the blood sugar level
  • Improves your metabolism
  • Improves body composition
  • Maximizes workout in a limited time

HIIT is especially worth doing for the enormous benefits it provides. Not to sound too boring but simply put, HIIT induces a Neuroendocrine response which increases your body’s natural level of Testosterone, HGH & IGF-1 – which can also said to be the youth serum of the body. The quantity of this serum produced by our body reduces as we grow older. In short, HIIT provides excellent anti-aging benefits by forming short term oxidative stress along with elevated testosterone and HGH levels.

A youthful body and a clean beach – that’s some enormous benefits, if you ask me!

Another great initiative of Clean The Beach Boot Camp is the short Yoga sessions. I usually end our Boot Camp workout by cooling off with some stretching. Often I have a guest Yoga instructor who provides a free 20 min cool down Yoga session which leaves you fully refreshed! Although Yoga too has enormous benefits but it tends to intimidate people who immediately retort with the “I’m not flexible enough” excuse, which if you ask me is exactly why you need it in the first place!

The many benefits of Yoga include:

  • Calms the mind and relieves stress
  • Body strengthens from the inside out
  • Reinforces spine muscles and Improves posture
  • Improves breathing and digestion
  • Improves flexibility and tones muscles
  • Increases blood circulation and immunity levels
  • Enhances endurance levels and stamina


The simplest activity which can reap huge benefits is walking. Although we have a complex body, yet the very simple act of putting one foot in front of the other helps burn calories and fat. Hundreds of other muscles along with the arms, legs and torso, are simultaneously used which burns up loads of calories – a rather easy way to lose weight!

Although from the outside it seems our body is performing a simple act, a lot goes on below the surface. Some of the endless benefits of walking include:

  • Increases metabolic rates and enzyme activities
  • Improves digestion
  • Assimilates and eliminates waste
  • Enhances natural detoxification (especially with increased water consumption)
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases by a whopping 50%
  • Reduces risk of stroke, diabetes and osteoporosis
  • Helps in treating arthritis, high blood pressure and even depression

Walking in the morning before breakfast helps to burn fat, more so when you wake up, since the blood insulin level is the lowest at that time. It is a low impact activity that doesn’t cause too much stress on the body. Walking, which leaves you in an elevated sense of health and wellbeing plays a major role here in my Boot Camp.

And now for the exciting grand finale… How does all of this enable you to burn fat simply by picking up trash? It is not a magic trick. It’s simple Science!

Burning Fat Whilst Cleaning The Beach!!!!

After you’ve finished the HIIT style workouts, free fatty acids are literally thrown into your bloodstream. Research shows, these fatty acids can stay in your bloodstream and move from one part of the body to the other. If not burnt off in time, these can be restored as body fat again through a process called Re-Esterification.

So what’s the best strategy to stop this from happening? How about some steady-state cardio, like “Walking”? You heard me right. After an Intense Weight Session or a Fitness Circuit, a good 30 min walk will not only help your body recover & slip into repair mode but it also helps burn off those Free Fatty Acids you just released in the Boot Camp. And what do we do after the Beach Boot Camp? You probably guessed it right, we walk up and down the beach. Cleaning the trash, while burning the fat!


Clean The Beach Boot Camp is a health bomb of awesomeness and that’s just from the physical aspect of what we do here. The mental, inspirational and overwhelming sense of well being, the enhanced productivity, an elevated sense of being proactive and the many physiological benefits are for another article, coming soon.

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