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Fight Plastic Pollution By Wathcing Porn??

PornHubs Dirtiest Porn Ever

PornHub to spread awareness on the crisis of ocean plastic pollution through porn!

A major chunk of internet traffic surfs the online porn network. With billions of people from across the globe browsing through the numerous porn websites, it is definitely one of the best places online to spread a global message. And guess what? One of the biggest players from the industry, PornHub, has decided to do just that. It will use the heavy traffic it gets on its website to spread awareness about the ocean Plastic Pollution issue.

But just how effective will be an environmental awareness from a porn website? Huge actually! That is because, anyone who is even slightly familiar with an online advertisement, knows that effectiveness depends largely on the numbers. And what PornHub has in plenty are numbers. More than 3 million people visit this site every day to access the 7 million-plus videos it has in its database. With over 500 million people searching its name on Google every month, 2018 had over 33.5 billion visiting PornHub.

The plastic pollution levels, especially in the oceans, have reached such high magnitude that it is now a well-known fact. People are protesting all across the planet. And if you think you are safe from its consequences, then you couldn’t be far from the truth. Beaches around the world have been found littered with trash, especially single-use plastic. And that is only a trickle compared to the amount of pollution in the Ocean. In case you need more proof, here are 6 solid reasons not to use single-use plastic

The current plastic pollution situation is too messy even for PornHub and it has decided to take a stand against it using Porn!

PornHub Cares Initiative has launched a porn video that brings to light the issue of plastic pollution affecting our oceans. The movie that starts a popular pornstar couple has quite wittily been called “Dirtiest Porn Ever”. The movie starts off with the beautiful couple starting to get naughty in a lovely beach setting. Only that, soon, you find them surrounded by litter with Single-Use Plastic trash all over the two. Before you know it, the whole scene goes from sexy to yucky! Some more harsh reality as you find people in Hazmat suit and the PornHub brand on it, picking up the litter from around the couple. Here’s a promo clip to ease your curiosity: 

To ease your conscience even further, PornHub promises to donate to Ocean Polymers every time someone views their movie on Ocean plastic pollution. That’s some very good reason to check out one of the most popular porn sites online. PornHub offers a 7-day free trial, although we are not sure if the full movie is available for the trial accounts. You can, however, try Free Porn Passwords and Free Porn for getting a single access premium account login.

Cory Price, their vice president, also highlighted the fact that PornHub has already been active when it comes to the environment. It has in the past, he stated, taken initiatives like planting trees and even supports organisations conducting honeybee research. Contrary to general belief, the big players of the porn industry care about the environment and prefer a clean and healthy environment. 

There is news such as websites like Brazzers, one of the top premium porn site, have switched to green energy servers. Considering the crazy amount of traffic amongst porn sites, their servers get heated up a lot and requires a huge amount of electricity to keep it cool. Websites like Youtube and Netflix that stream videos contribute about 1% of the total global emission. And a third of that 1% comes from porn websites. 

Since we ourselves at CBBC have been actively conducting beach cleanups in a bid to fight ocean plastic pollution, the initiative by PornHub is indeed quite refreshing. It sets a good example for other businesses across industries to take such initiatives and do what they can to fight the plastic pollution crisis. We applaud the efforts taken by PornHub to spread awareness about ocean plastic pollution. If ever you needed a good excuse to browse porn sites, then you should consider checking out “Dirtiest Porn Ever” by PornHub.

Their initiative to becoming more eco-conscious has struck a chord to others in the porn industry. Websites such as My Dirty Hobby, Team Skeet, Bang Bros, Reality Kings and Kink have all started to help with environmental matters. Either by donating a portion of profits to planting trees or to charities that are dedicated to fighting global environmental matters. Be it Plastic Pollution or Global Warming.

You know the environmental issues are a real and serious threat when frowned upon industry such as porn step up to the plate to take action. Drop a comment here after you watch it will be highly appreciated. It is all for a good cause after all!

Boot Camp Instructor Krix Luther

Krix Luther


Krix the founder of Clean The Beach Boot Camp has a unique passion for saving the enviroment. It stems from his love for Free Diving and his attraction to the ocean. He launched CBBC back in May 2012 and was the first ever person to put Fitness and the Environment into one single event/activity. If you wish to contact him, try doing so on his social media below.

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