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Racha Noi Trip

Join Clean The Beach Boot Camp on one of its most famous events. Travelling on a luxury catamaran to Racha Noi for a beach workout and beach clean up.

Boat Trip April 25th








ANNOUNCEMENT: 800 BAHT PP 15/45 spaces

One Epic Adventure

Clean The Beach Boot Camp is teaming up with discover catamaran in a joint venture to clean up the neglected beaches in Thailand. We spent years cleaning up the beaches around the islands we live on. But what about the ones that we don’t. Some islands with beaches that are not inhabited by humans are homes for animals such as turtles that use quiet, isolated beaches to lay their eggs.

We want to venture out beyond the borders of Phuket and do regular clean-ups where others can’t. But we want to do it Clean The Beach Boot Camp style. That’s right, you will still be getting your free workout before the cleanup, and we are going to make a day of it.

The plan is to launch this new venture by heading over to Racha Noi on the Sunday 25th of April on Discovery Catamaran, a very stylish and comfortable boat.


What Is Provided On The Trip?

The boat will provide snorkelling gear, fruit snacks, food lunch buffet and water for everyone.

Can I Bring Alcohol On The Boat?

No, this is a non-profit event, please do not see this as an opportunity to attend a cheap party boat tour. However, beers will be on for sale at the end of the trip for the sunset cruise home.

Is The Workout Hard?

The workout is designed for all fitness levels but it isn’t compulsory. If you want to just come for the beach clean up then that is fine with us. However, I would recommend you join in the warm-up just to get your body moving and awake.

Is The Event Suitable For Kids?

Yes, the event is suitable for kids who are old enough and capable enough to help with the beach clean up. But the price will be the same for them.

What Do I need To Bring?

Bring clothes you can swim and exercise in. A change of dry clothes is a good idea. Also bring a towel and any sun protection you may need, sun cream, sunblock, hats etc


  • Towel
  • Sun Protection
  • Swimming/workout Cloths
  • Change of dry cloths (optional)
Refund Policy

If the trip is cancelled or rescheduled on a date you can not attend then a full refund will be given. Full refunds are also given only 2 weeks prior to the trip. Anything before that can not be refunded. However, you can give/sell your spot up to someone else. We just need to replace your details with theirs. So we would need their Full Name, Phone Number and Passport/ID information.

Itinerary of the day:

  • 08:30 – Meet at Chalong Pier
  • 09:30 – Boat Leaves Chalong Pier
  • 11:00 – Arrive Racha Noi
  • 11:30 – Workout with Krix
  • 12:30 – Clean Racha Noi Beach
  • 13:30 – Finish Clean & head back to the boat for lunch
  • 14:00 – Free Full Lunch Buffet 
  • 15:00 – Free Time (Kayaking, Sun Bathing, Swimming, Snorkelling, Chilling)
  • 16:30 – Boat Leaves Racha Noi
  • 17:30 – Boat Arrive Back to Chalong Pier

Monday to Saturday
11AM – 9PM


The 800 baht payment is accepted at Cashewnuts Restaurant in Rawai. (See Map Below) We will need a full name, phone number, Thai national ID number or passport number for foreigners and nationality. The marine office has enforces all excursions operators to submit these details of their customers before we can confirm the booking. These spots will fill up fast so don’t hesitate. 


Cashew Nuts Restaurant

Please book your place for the boat trip here!

About Discover Catamaran

Discover Catamaran was founded in 2013, aiming to provide premium sea excursion and bring unforgettable holidays for travellers in Phuket. The company offers both private charters and join in day trips, people’s safety is always the top priority in the company’s operation, meanwhile, clients’ satisfaction is the fundamental goal. Professionally trained crews and staffs guarantee all clients will receive a warm welcome and superior service throughout the whole trip. Discover Catamaran is keen to bring exceptional boat trip experiences to the clients and make it a truly memorable journey for everyone.

Boat Spec

We will be going to Racha Noi on Discover Catamarans flagship. It holds 55 people but we limited the spaces for just 40 so everyone is comfortable and has plenty of space. The boat is 53 feet long with lots of tables and seating area. The design was made purely for comfort and speed. It has plenty of snorkel gear to accommodate everyone. It also has onboard 3 Kayaks and an inflatable slide that goes from the top of the catamaran to the ocean. Food will be prepared and eaten on the boat.

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