Mario De Oliveira
Boot Camp Instructor
Location: Angola
Experience: Muay Thai,
Hobby: Stand Up Paddle and Trail Running.
Working Days: Everyday 24/7
Training: Trained under Krix Luther; Has TRX level 1 and is TFW level 1 & 2 certified.

Boot Camp Instructor Mario

Mario De Oliveira was born and raised in South Africa, he is a long term friend of Krix Luther the Founder of Clean The Beach Boot Camp. Mario moved to Phuket, Thailand in 2014 where he spent over a year training his body and learning the art of Muay Thai. He attended the Clean The Beach Boot Camp every week without fail. Falling in love with the idea he soon moved to Angola where he started the first Clean The Beach Boot Camp outside of Thailand. After its enormous success, Mario later moved to another part of Angola where he started a second CBBC movement.