Xiaonan Feng
Product Manager
Location: Phuket, Thailand
Hobby: Free Diving, Scuba Diving
Working Days: Mon-Friday
Training: PADI, AIDA

Thailand Volunteer Nan

Thailand Volunteer Nan – Xiaonan Feng (Nan) is from Beijing, China but has lived in Thailand for many years, as a Professional Free Diver and Scuba Diving instructor she always had a passion to be environmentally conscious. Whilst setting up her Scuba Diving Business (Ocean Gravity) in Phuket she heard of Clean The Beach Boot Camp, she join and volunteered many times and went above and beyond to help. It was only natural for her to become a permanent part of the Clean The Beach Boot Camp team.

Nan runs the Clean The Beach Boot Camp environmentally friendly products, she comes up with the idea, talks to the manufactures and distribution and makes sure everything is running smoothly.